Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cliff's toy is home

Cliff's brother, Don, had been working on a car that he got from their other brother, Phil, and had started to restore. In the end he decided it was too much work, so since he was bringing the trailer to haul Cliff's Oliver, he brought the car with him and unloaded it; Cliff will get it to Phil before long. So that's what you see in the first picture.

Cliff, Don, their sister Rena, and I made a party of it; there's plenty of room in Don's truck, and we all had fun on the trip to Kansas. There was nobody at the farm when we arrived, so Rena and I followed the sound of mooing cattle and found some beautiful Red Angus calves that were protesting being weaned.

Once the farmer arrived, he showed Cliff every detail he could think of about the tractor, and also hunted up the owner's manual for him. I had already ordered a service manual on Ebay (that's not the same as the owner's manual), and it arrived today about the same time as the tractor.

We all found it strange that a motorcyclist would have a huge flag on his bike, so when he pulled up beside us in Olathe, I snapped a couple of pictures. Everything taken after that was taken here at our place, and chronicle the unloading of the tractor.

If you want to see any of the pictures in more detail, just click on that picture.


Hollie said...

Man, what a tractor! That thing is huge! Congrats Cliff!

Hyperblogal said...

Would like to make mention that Governor Nixon just signed legislation that allows tractor parades (personally I didn't know we needed legislation for that) . I would think, with the size and all, you guys could have a one-entry parade.