Monday, May 25, 2009

T-Mobile rocks

We have four phones on our T-Mobile account: Mine, Cliff's, and both his sisters (who contribute to the monthly payment, I might add).

While we were in Branson, we got word that Cliff's older sister, Rena, wasn't getting service. I called, and the customer service fellow told me to have her turn her phone off, then turn it on again; he was pretty confident that would fix the problem.

It didn't.

So tonight I called T-Mobile again, with Rena's cell phone laying next to me.

We spent about half an hour doing various things that didn't help a bit.

Then the tech guy asked me to remove the SIM card from Rena's phone and replace it with one of ours. I couldn't get the SIM card out of mine. I passed the phone to Cliff who, believe it or not, knows more about the ins and outs of cell phones than I do.

After at least an hour and a half spent with T-Mobile techs, we learned the problem was Rena's SIM card. We hope to remedy that problem tomorrow.

Although the last tech guy we dealt with was no doubt in India, he did a great job. We could understand the guy. And I still say, T-Mobine rocks!

So does my husband, for taking on the task of getting the cell phone problem solved when I was almost at the point of tears.


Hollie said...

I'm glad that you all were able to figure the problem out!

Oh, yeah it's Dad & Mary from the tomato garden. Isn't that great! I have already met Kelly from the Chicken Chronicles Again, & she's the greatest! They are coming to see her & stay with her a bit, & she's going to share them with me that day!!!!! :)

Muhd Imran said...

Hi-Tech headache but fortunately with a good hi-tech service. Good for you.

Pamela said...

I've been with them for years. I always get great service. Once, I lost my phone and they had another one express shipped in less than 24 hours. I also use the 5 faves. Saves ME MONEY!
Hey...we could be a commercial for them,huh?

Kelly said...

We have T Mobile too, and have never had anything bad to say about them, we love T Mobile! :)

Celeste said...

We have Verizon. T-Mobile does not work at our house