Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garden report

I should tell you that these turnips aren't so very big yet, but they are edible at this size. I can count on one hand the foods Cliff doesn't like: Turnips are at the top of the list. He thinks they taste like spoiled potatoes. I love them fixed the way my mom used to cook them, creamed, with a little sugar.

Yesterday I put a thick layer of straw on the tomato and pepper area of the garden. This keeps weeds away and holds moisture in. I couldn't normally afford this much straw,but we got those huge straw bales off Craigslist that were very reasonably priced. In fact, I could mulch the whole garden if I so desired.

There are lots of little yellow blooms on the grape tomato plant; I can hardly wait!

You can see there will soon be blooms on the bell peppers. It'll be fun to watch them and see what color they'll be, since the seeds were a mix of various colors of peppers.

Green beans planted early in spring are always "buggy", and mine are no exception. I dusted them with Sevin, and that will do away with the bugs. An organic gardener would be wise to wait until June to plant beans; then the bugs would stay away.

I also dusted the cabbages to keep worms off them.

I'm experimenting with some bush cantaloupes. In the past I've had a horrible problem with squash bugs, which can kill cucumber, melon, and squash plants almost overnight. Sevin dust doesn't faze them; they almost seem to enjoy bathing in it.

I found this picture on the Internet of a squash bug and some of its eggs. They do their dirty deeds on the undersides of the leaves, so they can have a plant killed before you ever notice them.

I recently mentioned my problem with radishes: they go to seed without ever making a round radish; all I get is a long, slender root. I've seen on the Internet that the problem can be caused by too much nitrogen, not enough potassium, or too-heavy soil. Whatever. Cliff and his sister are gardening in a different area, and Sunday he came in with a big smile on his face, and the nicest radishes I've ever seen! I guess I'll let him gloat.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your garden looks so nice. I love turnips and like alot of things haven't had them in ages. I never had them creamed before. It's too funny that Cliff has his own garden. Well between the two you all should be having lots of good things to eat this summer. Everything tastes so much better fresh from the garden.

Amy said...

I love turnips just sliced with salt! I haven't had them in ages, though....

Now, my tomatoes are the most pitiful looking things you have ever seen. I found bugs on 'em, but I think it's really too late to salvage much on them. The chile pepper, is really looking awesome. Guess the bugs aren't keen on a little spice with their lunch, huh?

Anonymous said...

Donna, don't feel bad I am 68 years old and have gardened ever since I was big enough. I planted about 2 table spoons full of radish seed and got 4 very small radishes from the whole row. I believe it is the seed, some are god and some are bad. Richard

Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Mosie,
I came here through FIREFOX as IE wouldn't let me in.
Yall do eat the turnip greens too don't you? lol

Midlife Mom said...

My garden seedlings are still sitting in my sunporch. We were only about 20* here this morning!

I was having trouble leaving a comment too. Guess Blogger must have fixed it.

Jess said...

Lovethe pics...I have been wanting garden tomatoes so bad!

Hope all is well

Love, Jess

Muhd Imran said...

What a wonderful time to spend outside and see you happy efforts growing to its fruition.

Have a wonderful Spring!

Anonymous said...

Gosh dang this must be the most interesting blog I ever read.