Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's motorcycle ride

First off, let me tell you it wasn't a fun ride. Oh, it was fine when we were heading north, toward home. But the intense wind took the fun out of most of the trip; still, it was nice to get out on a day when the temperature made it up to 70 degrees.

There's a farm store in Warrensburg that Cliff likes to browse through, so that was our destination. On the way down, I mentioned that I've always wanted to see the statue on the square of "Old Drum", so we went there first.

I love old courthouses.

We found Old Drum.

It was so warm and pleasant, a lady was sitting there reading a book.

Finally, I got to see the statue. Unfortunately I didn't get to see his grave, because I wasn't able to find out exactly where it is.

Be sure to read the story of Old Drum. I think he looks a lot like my pesky neighbor dog, Buddy.

I enjoyed the pictures painted on buildings near the square, too.

And all the old buildings. This used to be the Masonic Temple.


Lindie said...

Can't believe this is the first time you saw the statue of Old Drum!

Paula said...

I like the statue of Old Drum. We have a nice looking court house in our county. We pass it everytime we go to the ranch.

Celeste said...

Nice jacket.