Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another good riding day

Knowing there's bad weather coming soon, Cliff took a vacation day and we left at 10:30 on the Gold Wing. I came up with a couple of destinations for us, since it always seems to go better if we are "heading someplace". Even if we get there in a round-about way.

At the bike show we attended recently, we found out there's a place in Lees Summit that can convert a regular motorcycle into a trike: "Bikes to Trikes". We've been thinking we'll eventually have ours converted, if Cliff gets to the point that he can't handle 850 pounds of motorcycle. But several people have had doubts whether he'd like driving such a machine, and today he got his chance to find out.

The guy quickly offered to let us try this lovely trike out. I told Cliff to go ahead without me first.

We went in and looked around at the work they were doing.

We met their dog; I made the mistake of petting him, and he set up a howl like you wouldn't believe when I stopped and walked away.

From there we went to the other side of Harrisonville and had dinner at Kurszeils Country Meats. Someone had told us about this place way back when, and they weren't open when we stopped. It made a great destination for a motorcycle trip.

The place isn't fancy, but Cliff said that tenderloin sandwich was the best he's had in years. I had a decent Reuben sandwich.

Another good ride sneaked into the month of January.

Oh, and we really didn't care for the ride on the trike; it was bumpy, and turning felt strange because we're used to leaning into the curves. There's no leaning with a trike. So if we get one, it'll be when Cliff is really, really old and weak.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I have not riden much the last few years, but I have enjoyed my convertible. So that could be an option when ya'll get older.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Donna, congratulations on sneaking in a January ride. Isn't it great when we can do that? I was able to ride again today, but I have to check the weather for tomorrow. Clouds rolled in in the afternoon today and people say a fronts rolling thru - ugh!!

One of my riding friends has a trike. She likes it a lot, but she all the time tells us that she misses the lean on the turns.

Janie said...

Glad that you got out and about. Sounds like you had fun. Too funny about that dog when you pet him. lol Have a great week. Janie

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Looks like a nice day. Yea those trikes are for old duffers! :)

Sonya said...

Yeah it looked like it rode different!!! I watched the video. Some of the best places to eat are places that are not fancy. Glad you all had a good day.

DesLily said...

hey.. a three wheeler eh? I'd try a ride just to see how comfy it is! but the best (comfortable) ride I ever had on a bike was an old 1939 (manual shift) Indian with the old oversized bicycle seat! (probably because the seat was wide enough for my butt! LOL)

Brad said...

I'd have to pet that pup. Who can resist a hound dog?

Traci said...

Yeah for warm January days!

jan said...


I wanted to leave a quick note of "Thanks" for the book of poems. It was quite a nice surprise and demonstrates your great writing skills. I now know where your writing ability was developed.

Like you and Cliff, my wife and I enjoy riding our motorcycle and had a chance to sneak in a ride the other day. The ride was short and quick but we only went to get ice cream.

Keep writing about your adventures and we will keep reading.

Thanks again,
Rick and Jan