Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sadie... again

Those of you who got your dogs at a shelter, are you ever curious as to what their previous lives were like? I'd love to know where Sadie spent her first two years. The lady at Wayside Waifs checked the paperwork on her when we were adopting her: All they knew was that Sadie was a stray somebody brought in from a town in Kansas.

I wonder if she ever had pups, and what sort of treatment she got at her original home. I'm sure she wasn't a stray all her life, since she loves people, especially children; then there's the fact that she was perfectly housebroken. When we first brought her home she was coming down with a case of kennel cough (quite common with dogs from shelters), so we really had no idea how much energy she would have once she was well.

Someone asked in a comment what breeds are in Sadie's background; I have absolutely no idea. They labeled her "Manchester Terrier" at Wayside Waifs, but that's not a common breed, and I think they just figured that's what she looked the most like. I like to think she's part Greyhound (speed) and part Beagle (the way she follows a trail with her nose) and maybe some Border Collie (because she's so good at Frisbee). But she's probably some duke's mixture that you wouldn't guess in a hundred years.

When we walk, Sadie carries her stick in her mouth most of the time. But if she sees something of interest in the distance, she'll drop the stick to investigate, and sometimes even forget where she left it. Luckily, there are sticks galore in the woods around us. This morning she remembered exactly where her stick was.


Nance said...

Donna......Sadie is a HOOT !! What a sweet dog she has turned out to be. I wouldn't even venture a guess as to what breed of dog she is. But one thing for sure....she loves her dog's life there on the farm with you !

Thanks for sharing her with us. Being 'dog' people, we love to hear about Sadie and ALL the canine occupants in and around your part of the country.

The videos you share really give us a feeling of "being there" much fun to watch.

Take care my friend....Hello to Cliff.

From, Nance in CA.

madcobug said...

Sometimes I can see the videos and sometimes I can't so sometimes I come back to see if I can see them later. We wonder who had Daisy also. She was pregnant walking on the side of the road near the animal shelter when someone picked her up that worked there and took her into the shelter. A foster family took her and her pups the next day after they were born and raised them. She had weaned them when we got her so we did see some of her pups. She was housebroken and knew a couple of tricks. We wonder how many she knows that we don't know about. Anyway she is well treated here and we love her. Helen

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for sharing Sadie...rescue dogs are the BEST!!!! All three of our hairy babies are rescues...Max is a "neighborhood terrier".............LindaMay

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Don't you wish at times Sadie could talk. I know what she'd be saying "Wheres my stick, gotta find my stick". She adorable and I enjoy her videos. Thanks for sharing. Take care,

Lori said...

Sadie is a dog in a million!

loopymamain06 said...

I can't see your sadie.....:(
if it's a vidio, i can't even try....but our scooby doo is a shelter doo dog, and we love him.

Julia said...

We have a cat that we adopted off the front porch of a house we'd bought - and I wondered what kind of life he'd had too. what we know - he will absolutely NOT poop outside - he comes in and does his business in the litter pan and returns back outside. He's terrified of children to an unbelievable degree but loves adults(but is a bit skittish), so who knows what happened to him. But he seems to like things the way they are now and he's safe so i guess that's what counts in the end.

Candice said...

We got our dog, Bailey at the shelter and I have always wondered how he ended up there. He is the best dog I have ever had. . EVER. And we've paid plenty of money for registered dogs that were dumber than bricks.

He's so laid back, has never peed or pooped in the house, LOVES the kids and he doesn't chew on the furniture. What more can you ask for?

It just baffles me that he wasn't wanted. Oh well, he's living the high life now!