Monday, March 01, 2010

The end of the butternut squash saga

Remember my bumper crop of butternut squash?  I learned many new ways to use squash this year:  soup, pies, cakes, and breads.  I have quite a bit of pureed squash in my freezer for later use.  
There were still at least a couple dozen squashes in a little red wagon in Cliff's unheated (but insulated) shop, and every once in awhile I'd bring one in to microwave with a little brown sugar, as a side dish for dinner.  
Yesterday, Cliff said, "I want you to go out to the shop and look at your squashes; they look funny." 
Funny wasn't the word I would have used.
I salvaged three that weren't too moldy, one of which is in the oven right now alongside the spicy-chicken-and-rice I'm fixing for dinner.  The rest, as you can see, are laying in the garden where Cliff put them.  They won't rest there in peace, though:  I'll be moving them soon so I don't have butternut squash coming up from seed all over the place.   
We had a nice weekend in spite of the cold weather.  My daughter's two girls spent Saturday night.  We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast Sunday and a nice big noon meal.  The son-in-law ate with us too, once he got some errands run.
I'm still in the "hang-in-there-till-spring" mode with not much to blog about, but life is good.  


Anonymous said... is good...and it seems you have enjoyed your garden to the fullest...and as I was in Walmart the other day I checked out the garden area...and the racks of seeds and fingers itched to load up...but I persevered...and left them for later...just a bit too early around here...and about that crepe myrtle tree...leave it alone...they are a hearty bush or tree whichever you want to make just might be a spring surprise for you..God Bless..hugs...Ora

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too am hanging in there. It will come...

Hyperblogal said...

Don't throw them out... you may have accidentally discovered a cure for acne in chickens.

Midlife Mom said...

We have a long way to go before spring arrives. It's very windy today but we didn't get much from that big storm that came up the east coast. Not supposed to get anything from the one coming from Texas either. We have lucked out this winter.

Can you save the seeds from the squash and dry them and plant them? I had some butter cup squash mold and get all mushy, too late to save the seeds.

Yes, life is good. You just have to look around and see someone who is so much worse off. I have to remind myself of that sometimes and kick myself in the behind! :o)

Anonymous said...