Thursday, March 11, 2010

For lack of anything better...

It's been such a long winter, I've resorted to watching more television that I've ever watched in my life.  I'm still watching all those old E.R. episodes on TNT for the first time; I've developed crushes on various doctors, and become depressed when some of them left the series.  I'm now up to the episodes filmed in 2006.  
My daughter recommended Modern Family to me.  Although I don't always like the shows she watches (Survivor???  please), this one turned out to be a new favorite for Cliff, and I find it entertaining as well.  It's so much better than some other shows my husband enjoys... for example,  My Name is Earl.  Ewww.  
Cliff and I agree that the absolute winner for best new show is The Good Wife.  That one is amazing.  We're disappointed when each episode ends, and can't wait for the next new one.  
I've also enjoyed a locally produced program on the local PBS station, "Meet The Past".  I especially enjoyed the episode where Crosby Kemper interviewed Annie Chambers, a famous prostitute and Madame in Kansas City in the 1800's.  I may have developed a slight crush on Crosby Kemper III, too.  He's a force to be reckoned with in all things Kansas City.  Didn't his family use to be involved in politics?  He'd have MY vote.  
I still watch all episodes of The Dog Whisperer by way of the Internet.  And yes, I still have my crush on Cesar.  It's the accent.  
Crushes come and go, but true love is here to stay.  I appreciate Cliff for putting up with me for almost forty-four years, even through the long, hard winters:  he's the one I love. 


Tawnya said...

Yeah I am not for all these popular shows. I love NCIS ( Mark Harmon is my crush!) I have never seen Survivor nor do I want to. There is some good TV out there, you have to find it though.

Muhd Imran said...

Wifey and I enjoy the other realm shows...

Paranormal State
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Adventurers

YouTube is great since we can watch whole episodes, especially the ones that do not get aired here in Singapore at our own time and convenience.

Paula said...

Congrats to Cliff if he can watch a show through without changing the station.

Hyperblogal said...

I'm with Cliff on "My Name Is Earl"... it's weird just like me.