Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With a little help from my friends (and relatives)

The grandson didn't find it easy to take the back off my phone, but he got it done.  It just doesn't come off easily.  Oh, and it doesn't slide; it has to be pulled off.  I fed the boy a grilled cheese sandwich and some Sun Chips, and sent a quart of frozen chili home with him; that's all the payment he got.  
This afternoon my cousin Betty called.  She lives not far away, but we hadn't talked in awhile.  She had a problem:  Her computer wanted to do a Windows update this morning, so she clicked to allow that.  Then her screen went blank.  She figured since I know my way around the Internet, I might have a solution.  
After I was done rolling on the floor laughing, I told her that when I have a problem like that, I take my computer to Radio Shack and they fix it for around $100.  Hey, it's cheaper than a new computer.  
We visited awhile, and got back on the subject of her computer.  
"Say," I said, "have you turned it off?"  
"How can I do that?" she answered.  
Oh yeah, without the screen working, how would you go to start, shut down... etc.  
"Well," I said, "I guess you'd have to shut it down by pushing the button you use to turn it on; I know that isn't the best way, but sometimes you have to.  Be sure to hold it down for a few seconds."  
"Oh," she exclaimed, "everything turned off!"  
"OK, now turn it back on."  
Would you believe her computer worked, once it was on again?  
I feel like SUCH a geek.  I'm the woman who goes crawling to her daughter whimpering, with the slightest little computer problem.  
But I did learn one thing in my first year on the Internet:  If all else fails, reboot.  It's my mantra.  I repeated it to Betty several times before we hung up.


Tawnya said...

That is very true, if all else fails reboot.. Talking to tech support enough times over my life has instilled that in me as well. I can reasonably fix my computer if something is wrong, but if I can't then it is time to call in the big guns! Glad you got the back of your phone off finally.

Anonymous said...

sometimes we just amaze ourselves with our computer knowledge LOL...glad you could help cousin she is too!!! and about your little quiz of tv viewing..we use cable...most lines are buried here...ours are not...they are right where I can keep a good eye on them..LOL..we get good service from their is fairly decent price considering we have five tv's in the house...all working...four with cable...I get kinda antsy about changing to something different when what you have is reasonable in you what you want...and both our neighbors have Dish and one has Direct I think...and they both come over to watch a game if it goes out because of weather...but most of all I think it is where you are located...that makes the difference about what you use...thanks for listening to my rambling commentary on "tv viewing" LOLOL...guess all this sunshine we are having has gone to my brain...warming it up..getting the blood flowing again??? LOL..sorry Donna...I am still in my "silly" mode!!!! God Bless..hugs..Ora

Tipper said...

Yep-reboot-thats what I do too : )

madcobug said...

And if rebooting doesn't help unplug the whole thing for a minute and replug and sometimes it works. I have had mine to not shut down all the way and had to unplug to get it turned off. I am surprised about the phone opening like that, all our Nikia's always slid but it was awful hard to get it to work. Frozen chile sounds good. I could handle that. Helen