Thursday, March 18, 2010

An excellent entry for you to read

I read the blogs of two ladies who have inflammatory breast cancer.  If you had to choose some type of cancer to have, this would not be one you'd choose, because from what I've seen, you are never pronounced "cured", even if you live twenty years after it's found in your body.  
Susan had some bad results recently and is going for a biopsy today.  
Her entry today in her blog is one of the best I've ever read online.  It isn't funny; it isn't really sad; it just makes me think, and re-arrange priorities a bit.  
Click HERE.

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Ms Martyr said...

Unfortunately I believe any cancer is considered capable of returning and there is no such thing as "cured." Some people theorize that we all have cancer cells in our bodies and something will trigger them to multiply. I've had pre-cancerous colon polyps removed and a double mastectomy. My body is just a little (I wish - extra large is more accurate) cancer factory.