Sunday, March 07, 2010

Family eat-out, followed by shopping at Sam's Club

Cliff, his sister Rena, and I met Charlene and Pat for barbecue.  We beat them there by about five minutes, and I took this picture of Cliff and Rena waiting patiently.  
I think I embarrassed a couple of these folks by asking the waiter to take our picture, but that's OK.  It's a good picture.  
Charlene had their dog, Mindy, in the car with them.  We women (including Mindy) headed for Sam's Club and the guys went to Gail's Harley-Davidson to look at full-dress bikes.  No, not for us; Charlene and Pat are strongly considering trading their Harley in for the top-of-the-line.  
I didn't need anything at Sam's Club, but Charlene and Rena don't have a membership; there were some things they wanted to stock up on.  I did find the almonds that weren't there on my last two visits, and I got some fruit.  I brought home some of the best oranges I've ever eaten.  They're so big that Cliff and I share one.  
Not only did Charlene and Rena have some stocking up to do, but Rena found a television like she's been wanting.  So that came home with us.  Needless to say, Charlene's car was really full.  
Yeah, really full.  The only thing I see in this picture that's mine is an orange peeking out at the far side of the picture.  
Mindy seemed a little unsettled at being crowed out of her usual spot by the purchases.  She was only trying to get comfortable when I took this picture.
However, it looks like she's trying to stare down the lion on that television box, doesn't it?  
We had a good day indeed.


Anonymous said...

sometime the best times are when they just happen..and our car looks like that every time we go to sams...and we got some of those oranges too...and like you one is enough for two or three!!! Glad you had so much fun...God Bless..hugs...Ora

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've not been to Sams in a long time as for just me the quantities are usually way too much but I do love to go there and always buy too much. Glad you had such a great day!