Friday, March 05, 2010

A perfectly delightful weekend

I would have tried to do a post earlier today if I were looking for more "hits" to my blog.  Since I could care less, I went ahead and enjoyed my house-guests; you know, it's called real life.  
Cliff's baby sis and her husband are here from St. Louis; they arrived around 1:30 A.M this morning.  Cliff was still at work and I was in bed, fast asleep.  That's the kind of relationship we have with them:  No demands, just do whatever you need to do, and you are accepted.  That's why they're our best motorcycle buddies.
We had not seen them since before Christmas, so this morning we had a joyous reunion.  
Charlene got up around seven o'clock, and it was just her and me chattering so fast, neither of us finished any of our stories.  I asked her if she wanted to see my... well, you know, what I had fixed in my recent surgery.  Don't be surprised if you hear about some old lady flashing people at the local Walmart, because I'm very proud of the results of my surgery.  OK, it isn't that bad, but if you are female and are curious, I will show them to you.  (I'm grinning, just wondering what people clicking on that link will expect; it ain't me, folks, so don't get your hopes up.)   
I made a forbidden breakfast this morning, biscuits and sausage gravy.  We all indulged and enjoyed to the fullest.  
Tonight Pat and Charlene are staying at his parents' place; tomorrow we'll take Cliff's other sister into the city and meet them at Smokehouse Barbecue for lunch/dinner/whatever-works.  I hear my daughter's sweet husband plans to barbecue on Sunday, and we're invited.  We just can't lose. 
I separated Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow from her son for the night so I can steal some milk tomorrow morning.  Since it isn't something I do every day, I always wonder if I'll forget I'm supposed to milk the cow.  Then I remember that Bonnie is so very vocal.  Trust me, she will wake me up, along with everybody else in the neighborhood.  
OK, I feel much better now that I've checked in.  This is an excellent weekend, and I can only wish all of you an equally great one.


Tango said...

LOL good times! Enjoy your weekend, Donna. You'll have plenty to write about on Monday...don't forget the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the u-tube video Donna, and the puppy one too!!LOL Have a GREAT week-end!

small farm girl said...

I laughed out loud when I saw what you had linked to your site. I have seen that "video" before and thought it was funny. I wasn't though, expecting to see it at that time. That made my night. thanks.

Anonymous said... just doesn't take much to make us happy campers huh??? so glad you had a "family" week end..maybe it will tide you over until Spring really gets here??? LOL..your blog sounded so upbeat..and happy...and thanks but I will let my imagination take care of whatever you had done!!!! LOL...hugs from Kentucky....Ora

madcobug said...

Glad that your weekend is going great. You needed some action to perk you up. Helen

Midlife Mom said...

The Hubs and I just about fell off the chair laughing at that video! Donna, you are a riot!

Have a wonderful weekend with your guests, there's just nothing like family!