Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Craigslist sale

I mentioned a while back that I sold my old Circle Y saddle on Craigslist; because it was a very popular brand, it sold quickly in spite of its age.  At the same time I listed my grandson's saddle:  it has no brand on it, but it's a comfortable, usable saddle.  He thought he remembered giving $125 for it at an auction, so I priced it at $150.  More than once in my life, I've been on the lookout for a saddle to go on whatever horse I had purchased, and been unable to find anything affordable.  If a saddle is serviceable, it ought to be worth at least $150.  
I got a few scam emails ("there's no need to sell your saddle... blah blah blah"), and some sort of automated phone calls asking if I'd take $100.  These made me angry, so I raised the price to $175.  I moved the ad to the top a few times with no genuine interest being shown.  
Last week a guy called from Kansas; his girl friend goes to school and works, but he wondered if they could come and look at it.  He said perhaps they could make it Sunday; he'd call if they were going to come.  
I dismissed the call because, after all, who is going to travel seventy miles to look at a cheap used saddle?  He did call back, though.  He and his girl friend looked it over, she sat on it to see if it was comfortable, and they bought it.  They had come so far, I let them have it for the original price of $150.  I also threw in some "Wipe", which keeps flies off horses while you're riding, and a couple of saddle pads.  They were happy, and so was the grandson when I told him to come and get his money.  
I still have an assortment of bridles, halters, whips, and bits that I may bundle together to sell, one of these days.  


Hyperblogal said...

Meesha would probably like the whips.

madcobug said...

You made a good deal after all. Helen

Lori said...

I guess raising the price helped to keep out the non-serious ones. I'm glad you were able to sell it.