Thursday, March 25, 2010

An alternative to bottled water

I first read about hydration bottles on the Oregon guy's blog.  Being from Missouri, I have to be shown; so I didn't order the high-priced bottle.  I figured it would probably leak, like all the other water bottles I've purchased.
Then last August at a family reunion, I noticed my cousin and her husband were carrying such bottles with them.  Here was my chance to find out in person what sort of product this was.  Of course my number one question was, "Do those things leak when they turn over?"
They assured me they don't.
"Where did you get them," I asked.
"Have you ever heard of Flylady?"
Well of course, who hasn't.  Marvin and Pauline had purchased their water bottles from the Flyshop.  The next day I ordered such a bottle for myself, even though Flylady charges $10 for shipping.  I was sold!

It doesn't leak.  It doesn't sweat.  The water inside stays cold for hours.  I LOVE this bottle, and it goes almost everywhere with me.

You can take the whole top off and put ice cubes in it.  My only complaint is that it holds just sixteen ounces, which isn't enough to suit me.  
I've been meaning to order another one for Cliff, and now that motorcycle-riding season is upon us, I figured I'd better get on the ball.  I went to Guy's blog this morning and searched, trying to find out where he got his bottle; I'm fairly certain his holds more.  I finally gave up on that search and went to, where I found what I was looking for:  A bottle that holds twenty-six ounces!
Yes, it's expensive.  But hey, how much money would Cliff and I be spending on plastic bottles of water along the way when we're out on the motorcycle?  It really makes me angry to think about paying for water, since there's nothing special about bottled water.  Some studies have even indicated that the plastic bottles put undesirable chemicals in water contained in them.  

I'm adding this to tell you that I should have looked harder on Guy's blog:  His is 26-ounce, and he got it at Home Depot for half the price I'm paying.   I tried to cancel my Amazon order, but it was too late.  That's what I get for being so impulsive.  


Tango said...

Nice find, Donna :) I've been looking for something like this. Wonder why it says: This item cannot be shipped to the following state(s): AK,HI

Guy said...

Donna, I especially like how mine opens wide for easier cleaning and the opening is big enough to put ice in the container. Mine came with a crampon that I can clip to my saddle.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll be checking out Home depot now. I take water bottles with me on the road too and when I'm camping.

Lori said...

I use the stainless steel water bottle from It doesn't sweat or leak, has a large mouth, and keeps my water ice cold for more than 8 hours.