Thursday, March 25, 2010

Television, cell phones, and modern-day mysteries

The poll on my sidebar was closed, and so I removed it.  Cable was preferred by nineteen people; if we were in the city, that would likely be our choice.  Out here, though, cable leaves something to be desired.  Fifteen people preferred Direct TV, seven liked Dish, four liked their antennae, and three didn't care for television at all.  The only surprise to me is how many more people preferred Direct TV over Dish; I'm wondering if my son stacked the deck on that one; Direct TV puts food on his table.  Honestly, I've had both and can't see a big difference in the two.  
Cliff has had a cell phone for four or five years.  In all that time, he hasn't found one he really cares for:  His pet peeve has been with all the buttons on the outside of the phone.  He carries his phone in his pocket, and the simple act of putting it in the pocket can turn off the ringer.  The only cell phone he was halfway satisfied with was a Razr, and it bit the dust in less than a year.  
We even went to the T-Mobile store and asked about a phone that didn't have all the buttons on the outside.  The guy showed us one, and we came home and ordered it.  Even with volumes turned all the way up, Cliff couldn't hear people he was talking to (he's very hard of hearing), and he couldn't hear the ringer most of the time.  So we switched phones.  I've hated the thing the whole time, but I don't use my cell phone much.  
Finally the time came when we could get a new phone without paying an arm and a leg.  
  It has no buttons on the outside.  It's unbelievably thin.  It's loud.  
I believe we finally found a phone Cliff likes!  And although I have my own cell phone back now, I'm thinking about getting one just like it.  
We are so far back in the dark ages, we'll never use the camera, the radio, or the MP3 player on this phone.  But that's OK.  We like it.


Tango said...

I've had major issues with cell phones over the years too. I have issues with hearing when there are background noises, so I need one whose speakers can be turned way up in order for me to hear the conversation. Actually I hate talking on phones and I wouldn't even have one if I didn't need it for work and my internet connection.

Ms Martyr said...

I also hate telephones and only have a cell for emergencies. I hardly ever turn it on. Mine is a basic TracPhone that we got at WalMart. It is the flip open type so the buttons aren't exposed. The user fees are minimal and the minutes roll over from month to month.

small farm girl said...

My hubby couldn't keep a phone working for more than 6 months. So we did a lot of reserch. He ended up getting the construction grade Rugby. It's very loud and very durable. It is said that you can run over it with a truck and it will be okay. So far, he love's it. He has had it for 5 months. We'll see.

Wil said...

I've had the Nokia 6086 for almost two and a half years with a leather case, as has SWMBO. I've had no issues. Her case-less phone is on its last legs. Correlation? Of course, hers developed internal moisture issues from being left in the car...

About DirecTV vs DISH -- it;s the customer service issues that allowed me to recommend DirecTV over Dish. Big difference in CS attitude. Channel selections and satellite positions are about the same.

Your mileage may vary.

Lori said...

Maybe that's what Thomas should get (except he likes the flip phones). He needs one with no buttons on the sides because his is constantly taking pictures of the inside of his pocket. lol I have had to delete over 300 "pocket" pictures off that phone since he got in the winter.