Saturday, March 27, 2010

I was going to do an entry

Honestly, this weather (rain and cold weather every weekend) doesn't contribute to my mood; and when my mood is glum, it's hard to come up with a blog post.
However, I will report to my readers some things I've learned about gardening in the last couple of years.

I guess I could blame Cliff for this mistake, since it was his idea.  But I thought it was a good one and went along with it.  There's this area between the sidewalk and the rock-covered area in front of our house that Cliff thought would be an excellent place to plant strawberries.
Wrong.  The strawberries have sent runners up onto the rocks.  They need a lot more room than this space allows them.  I'll move some of the plants to the garden area this year, and destroy the rest so I can plant flowers there.
Another lesson I inadvertently learned was this:  Don't plant butternut squash plants near your strawberry bed.  The strawberries in the garden were in the right location; unfortunately, those rampant squash vines almost killed them all.
Strawberry lesson #3, which my daddy told me about years ago, but I thought I could do better:  Don't waste your time on ever-bearing or day-neutral strawberries.  Sure, they'll bear throughout the summer; but you'll be lucky to get a bowlful at one picking.  
This is what my garden area looked like yesterday before I tilled part of it and planted some things.  Just so you know.
I posted a video to Youtube this morning that could have been great:  Adam, who has two horses pastured here, was going to load them up and take them for their yearly vaccinations.  His horses are glad to see him most of the time, but when he brings the trailer, they are always afraid they're going to be put to work.  So they run from him.
Unfortunately, the video is not really that clear.  Also, another warning:  if you don't like bluegrass music, turn your sound off.  With that said, if you are not faint of heart and have a good imagination, feel free to watch a video of hard-to-catch horses.  
Oh, and the buckskin horse in the background?  That's our next-door neighbor's mare; she is pastured on our property, but she's in a different pen.  She enjoyed the chase as much as the other horses.  One more thing:  the dog joining in the chase is not mine; he's Adam's dog.


m.v. said...

nice soundtrack!

Hyperblogal said...

How DO you catch them if they don't want to be caught?

madcobug said...

They were determined not to go through that gate. Poor dog didn't stand a chance against those two. LOL on the one in the other fence. She did enjoy the run also. Helen

Astaryth said...

Nothing prettier (or more annoying) than an Arabian horse that is full of him or herself and who is pretty sure you can't do anything about it :)

All 3 of the horses I take care of are Arabs and when they come running for food, or to come in, they are beautiful and you forget that they are 30, 28 and 20 years old :)

Adirondackcountrygal said...

How frustrating for Adam!