Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I love about the blogging universe

I can interact with people who aren't in my socio-economic class, and they accept me, at least online.  In real life, I'd never have the chance to chat with people in the advertising industry, or in various forms of television production.  
I'd never have gotten to correspond with the wife of one of the richest farmers in the United States and been able to see she's as down-to-earth as anybody in my little world.  
I wouldn't have had the chance to form online friendships with some fellows who happen to be gay who have shown me that they're not so different from the rest of us.  
Never would I have been able to laugh at the humor of a Catholic nun, or to feel like I was best buds with an atheist in Oregon.  
Oh, and the nurses.  Who knew nurses could be so funny?  But when I think about it, how could you survive being a nurse if you didn't have a sense of humor?  
I can't fail to mention the cop in Arizona who makes me laugh on a regular basis.
Then there are those Internet friends who have things in common with me:  bikers and farmers and a former Amish lady who knows how to milk a Jersey cow, and fundamentalist Christians and people barely getting by one day at a time, living hand-to-mouth.    
I can't help but love people who embrace what we have in common and accept our differences.  
They aren't usually angry: see, I have a problem with angry people:  they always have a way of making me feel they're angry at ME. 
I thank God for the diversity of my Internet friends, those who don't judge me, who accept me as I am.  So I happily accept all of you, and I choose not to judge you.  
You guys ROCK.


Muhd Imran said...

This world is awesome! So are you.

Kathy said...

You rock quite a bit yourself Donna! And Muhd is correct, the world is an awesome place. I'll add that acceptance of others and their differences is what makes it and (all of) you rock!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree. I love reading about others lives and over the years I have eagerly awaited news each day of how they are doing and what is new. I love the connection and being able to see so much more of the world than I would have otherwise.

Average Jane said...

That's my favorite thing about reading blogs as well. There are so many potential friends out there. :)

Remo said...

The blog world is like a huge library, with unending shelves of new and exciting books and stories to learn about. Some are sad - some are funny -and some are just different. It's all good and it's good for us all.

Toon said...

Right back atcha! *grins*

Lindie said...

I love reading blogs and talking to people from all around the world. We are so different and so the same! Did you see that Ree's book(when she finishes it) might be made into a movie? How cool is that?

small farm girl said...

I feel the exact same way. I'm glad you put it into words.