Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why can't I figure out a cell phone?

I can't get the battery cover off!  The instructions look simple enough, don't they?  
It says "press the release button on the top of your phone and lift the cover away."  
There's the button, and when I press, it gives; but I can't BUDGE that battery cover.  The picture would seem to indicate the battery cover slides down, while the instructions say to "lift" it.  I've tried both methods to no avail. 
One of these days I'm just going to give up on cell phones.    
My grandson is going to stop by on his way home tonight and help me out.  


m.v. said...

they are always a pain in the butt.don't hold the button, release it and then try to force it to slide off.

Paula said...

I hate talking on cell phones. They always cut out and it is sooo frustrating.

madcobug said...

Those Nokia's are hard to open. You do slide it down but it takes some doing. Helen