Saturday, March 13, 2010

A picture that tells it all

I don't quite look like myself in that shot, do I?  
Well, I wasn't myself.  
My dog, Mandy, had been killed that morning, hit by a car.  
When my granddaughter, Amber, called to ask if she could come out with her new puppy and spend the night, I told her I wouldn't be very good company because I was crying about Mandy being killed.  
Last weekend when Amber was here, I mentioned this; she said, "I can't believe I brought my puppy out here when your dog just died.  That's horrible!"  
Anyway, look at me in the picture:  Face all red, hair in a tangle.  Eyes teary.  Fake smile.  It's a portrait of grief.
Why on earth did I have Amber take my picture in such a state?  
Perhaps I wanted a picture to use in a blog entry, something pleasant I could talk about.  To take my mind off my loss.  
The next day, Amber and her puppy accompanied us to Wayside Waifs:  that's where we met Sadie, who insisted on coming home with us.  
Amber's dog got a lot of attention that day from people adopting waifs.    
If something should happen to Sadie, I have told Cliff, "Please just let me cry; I am not going straight to the pound to adopt a dog the next day.  Give me some time.  I might not even want another dog, but I won't know until I try living without one."  
Not that I'm sorry I got Sadie, mind you.  She never fails to pick me up when I'm down.  She makes me forget about political disasters and "these tough economic times".  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure you'd never regret having your Sadie. I love dogs and now that my beagles are gone, I've decided that there won't be any more dogs in my life. It's so hard saying good bye. But you never know...someday another roadside waif, as that is what they were, may come into my life and I won't be able to say no. Your granddaughter is such a sweetie. I love the fact that she came over and brought her dog.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a couple of acts of love to me.

Midlife Mom said...

I agree that picture doesn't look like you. I could show you one that is about the same, the day Buddy died. I guess I wear my heart on my sleeve at times and that was one of them. Your granddaughter was trying to help and bless her heart for thinking of her grammie.

Can't get over those grape vines!!! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

we do not forget a dog's love. sam

Ms Martyr said...

We always have at least two dogs. When one dies there is another one there to help fill the gap in our hearts. We're usually pretty quick about getting another, though. One dog just doesn't seem enough. There's nothing like a puppy to uplift your heart.

Mel said...

Donna, you look beautiful there as always. Yes, you can see the sadness peeping out, but still.

As for getting another dog on the heels of losing one: My favorite nonfiction author is James Herriot. He was a veterinarian in Yorkshire, England from the thirties through the ?nineties?, I think, and wrote a bunch of books full of stories about the animals and people he met there.

One of the things he repeated in all his books was that he strongly advised people to get another dog after they lost one; he said it made the grieving process easier. However, when we lost our dog, I couldn't do it, so I totally understand your sentiment.


Mel said...

Oh, and P.S.: I'm just waiting to have the money to go buy a special soap for washing knit goods in so I can clean and block your item and send it to you.

It's so beautiful, and I'm worried that if I don't get it mailed out to you it'll be too hot for you to wear it soon!

Tipper said...

Our sweet pet friends can sure weave their way into our lives and our hearts. Several years ago we lost our beloved Wilma to coyotes-I had to wait several months before we got a new puppy-even then I wasn't sure I was ready-but now I can't imagine life without Ruby Sue.