Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm sure spring is coming!

Where it once was a frozen tundra, it's now mud.  At least the top two inches is mud; under that it's frozen.  
This kind of mud makes walking a real adventure.  Thank goodness for my Muck boots.  
I almost lost my balance a couple of times, and wouldn't THAT have been messy?  
I know spring is coming, because I can finally see the ground in parts of my yard!  
The trees know spring is coming, too; look at the buds.  
The hyacinth knows winter is almost over.  
So today, I planted tiny tomato seeds in my miniature greenhouse.  There were four spots left after I'd used all the tomato seeds, so I put cauliflower seeds in those.  
Last fall I bought a crepe myrtle tree really cheap; I planted it in the front yard and it seemed to thrive, but in the back of my mind I kept wondering how it would fare in winter:  Crepe Myrtle is really a southern tree.  However, the information attached to it at Home Depot said this was a variety developed for our area.  When the winter weather turned so vicious and stayed that way, I had my doubts whether that tree would make it.   
The best I can tell, it's dead.  It's no big loss; I think I only paid $5 for it on clearance.  But I know not to try crepe myrtle again; it's a tree... or shrub... of the south.  


Paula said...

We had a crepe myrtle when I was growing up and it seemed like nothing could kill it. WE didn't have our own water supply so it never got a drink but it lived on. Some years they are very pretty here but I don't remember if its wet or dry years.

Sonya said...

Small signs of spring here too. The Bradford pear is in bud-swell, daffodils are 1/2 way shot up, and several other things in bud swell - like the trees. But, we have snow in our forecast, so...a few more weeks maybe. I'm so ready. I think we ALL are.

Astaryth said...

Don't give up on the little tree yet. I have a couple of 'local' plants that I got last fall thinking it would be nice to have some early green in the yard this sprin.However, The weather here this year was brutal by out standards and I wasn't surprised that they looked dead. I sadly mentioned I should be pulling them up to my local garden shop lady and she told me to wait. She stated that sometimes you just have to give them a little bit of 'spring' time. She told me to wait until mid-march and then try cutting them way back and see if they came back.... Maybe your little Crepe Myrtle will too!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice to see your little signs of spring there. Nothing here yet but mounds of snow. Don't give up on that tree yet.

Anonymous said...

I bought a white one few years ago and thought it died and took it back and got my money back. about 3 weeks later it came up from roots and is now 20 feet high. Don't give up until middle of may.

Muhd Imran said...

It is like an exciting time for spring to come after a long hard winter.

Sunshine is coming and warmth will be felt soon. Beautiful days are ahead, the reason to venture outdoors again.