Monday, February 22, 2010

The longest winter ever

Cliff said yesterday that he's going to start selling his motorcycle in September and buying a new one in April, because we've only had one motorcycle ride since October, thanks to the weather.  You can see the resignation in people's faces, and hear it in their tone of voice: there's a feeling that winter is never going to end.  I've given up looking at the ten-day forecast because it doesn't seem to offer any hope these days.
 Oh sure, highs of 38 are a definite improvement; but that's almost March, for pete's sake!  Meanwhile, I read things like this on Fox 4's weather blog:
Remember last week we posted some information from Pleasant Hill concerning how this winter is are some quick updates as of 8PM...(KCI reporting 5.1" snow so far...a bit more is coming tonight)
14 days of 1" or more snow that has fallen...this ties a record...the other years were 1888-89 and 1911-12
This is now the 9th most snow in a snow season (Oct-June)
This is the most snow (35.5") since 1961-62
5.1" today is a new daily record
For METEOROLOGICAL WINTER (December-February) this is now the 2nd snowiest (53.3" in 1961-62 is the highest)
Totals for N KC through N MO are in the 6-10" range...with the highest being Gallatin @ 12"
We're tying and breaking records around here.  And it doesn't help that certain people in Georgia and Arizona (and now Oregon?) taunt us with their balmy weather.  
I must give the weather-guessers their due:  They've been very accurate with their forecasting this past year. 
Cliff and I agree that the older we get, the harder wintertime gets for us.  I wouldn't mind having perhaps a two-week break from this weather on a sunny beach somewhere, but it isn't going to happen.  I'll just keep holding out for springtime.  
By the way, I remember that snowy winter of '61-'62 that Fox 4 mentions.  I even have a picture or two.  Snow wasn't the only thing on the agenda that winter:  My mom had cancer and was told she was a goner (she wasn't, as it turned out), and I was getting ready to graduate that spring.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At first I couldn't remember how bad it was but now I do...I had started my first job after graduating and it snowed so bad that my dad thanfully put the chains on his tires and took me to work. I had a car but it would have never had made it. I never see people using chains any more on their tires. It maybe we are not allowed to use them. ???
It has been a long long winter here too and more snow coming our way after we get freezing rain today.

Sugar said...

i agree! when will spring get here?

Lindie said...

I was walking to school back then. Graduated in '63 in St Jo. Remember being mad at my sister and pushing her into a snowbank! How much snow did you get yesterday? We just got a dusting, but lots of ice, beautiful today, roads are clear here in Belton and the trees are sparkling with all the ice.

natalie said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! Please come back and comment some more!
Gee how long can summer last huh?

Donna said...

Lindie, most of our precip came in the form of freezing rain and drizzle... and some plain old rain. Then we got about an inch of snow on top of that.