Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's even too cold to suit the dog

It's ten degrees, with a strong wing blowing.  In other words, totally miserable.  
I went in the bedroom to get my clothes for the day, and Sadie got out of her bed and shook like she always does, just to make sure there's plenty of her super-fine dog hair in every corner of the room.  I asked her if she wanted to potty, and she went to the door.  
I hadn't even gotten the door closed before she did her "bark-bark" to signal that she wanted back in.

I looked through the ice-glazed glass of the storm door, and there she stood:  wanting in without doing what she had been sent out there to do.  It had been fourteen hours since her last trip outside, for pete's sake.  So I commanded her sternly, "Go potty!"

I must say, she completed the mission in record time, and was quickly back at the door saying, "Bark-bark!"

This cabin fever is obviously getting to me; I've resorted to sharing pictures of my dog peeing.  How could I have sunk so low?
Actually, I need to back away from the computer; there's a flurry going on at another blog, and I can't stay away from the comment section there.  The blog entry isn't interesting at all, but the comments?  Wow!  (Sorry, I won't link to it; I'm keeping my nose clean.)


Terri said...

Yeah I had to MAKE my chihuahua go out last night to potty before bedtime..it was snowing hard and he looked at me like I had lost my mind, he managed to do his business in a hurry as well...loved the pics..LOL

I don't blame ya wanting to keep your nose clean...but it sounds pretty interesting...glad i'm not in the middle of it..LOL


Sugar said...

i agree, & so does monkee! it's c o l d out there. dazzle doesn't care, lol.

ingasmile said...

Why are we so entertained with a train wreck? Maybe the cold and snow is getting to us.

Donna said...

Inga, the comment section has taken on a life of its own, and I can't stop watching! I actually left a comment there early in the game, but she removed it because she saw that people were coming to my blog from her comment section.

madcobug said...

These dogs didn't want to go out today in the rain. Helen

Amy said...

My Cocker will hold it and hold it and then....pee on the floor. "Hey, mom! I'm good! I don't have to go out anymore!"


Paula said...

Sadie does mind you well, doesn't she? Speaking of comments your word verication is calling me a bigumst. That is one thing I'm not. lol

tipper said...

The cabin fever part is hilarious : ) My little Ruby Sue doesn't like to go out if its cold or if its raining either!