Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our first (and probably last) Angel Food box

I still believe Angel Food Ministries is great for some people.  But after picking up our box today, I can see it isn't going to serve our purposes.  
There was a box of spaghetti and a can of spaghetti sauce; I make our sauce from scratch to avoid all the sodium, and I'm pretty sure mine would taste better than sauce from a can, although we'll use it.  
There's the four-serving frozen lasagna, which is in my oven as I'm typing this.  That isn't something I'd ordinarily buy at the store.  Again, lots of sodium.  If I want some good lasagna, I'll bribe my daughter into making me some.  Although it won't be very good for us, but it WILL be good.
A pound of hamburger... we still have some of the steer, good old Meat Loaf, in hamburger form in the freezer.  
A container of 2% milk.  We have a Jersey cow that supplies our milk, unless I get lazy.    
There's a small pork roast and four top sirloin steaks; Normally I only buy a roast when we're having company, and I almost never buy steak; but we'll use it.   There's some chicken breast, which is something I do like to have around for stir-fry.
We'll use the three pounds of potatoes and the pound of carrots, as well as all the frozen vegetables that were included in the box.  We like our veggies.
For someone who doesn't (or isn't able to) cook from scratch a lot, and isn't worried about sodium and cholesterol, I think the Angel Food ministries would work great.  
For me and Cliff, not so much.  There's too much overly-processed food for our tastes.  But I would not have known if I hadn't tried it.


Sonya said...

I always wondered what they send out. I have heard others blogging about it. I guess it was packed in dry ice to send all that meat. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I've been curious about this. Thanks for the report. We would probably have the same 'cons' as you because we're trying to eat healthier now as well. For some, I believe it would be a good option. -Tammy

Sugar said...

since i'm not able to get out & work in a garden anymore, had to give up my chickens, my cow, & goats...when i moved off my little farm, & have to watch every penny, they're good for me.
i have lost 65 lbs since august. still need to lose a lot more. i do have high blood pressure & high cholesterol, but i drink lots of fluids to flush out any extra sodium. i take bp med in the morn & a anti-cholesterol pill every night, have for many yrs. since losing the wt my bp & cholesterol has dropped. :)
i get angel foods almost every month. i get their reg box (the 1 you got), & a meat box, & the extra fruit/veg box. i really like them. you're right, not for all, but for those like me, it's great. :)

Mrs. L said...

Do they have a candy box?

Donna said...

No, Mrs. L, but they do have what I'd call a "junk food box" They call it the "after school box", with "Kid-friendly snacks". I like the looks of their fruit and veggie box, but it's $22, and I think I could take $22 to Aldi's and Walmart and get more bang for my buck. Now if I were in Sugar's situation (she commented above), I'd probably take advantage of some of these. It isn't easy for her to get out and shop, and I'll bet this stuff lasts her for almost the whole month.

Remo said...

My co-op group has fruit/veggie boxes. You can add-on breads and additional boxes of produce but no meat. Ick.

Anita said...

My church does Angel Food Ministries. That's interesting to know. In the past,I've advised a few people to try it.

Anonymous said...

I have used Angel Food for several months now. I love that I can still get meats and I can not stop raving about the Fruit and Veggie Box. Both boxes allow me to order a variety of food without having to go through the pain of price clipping in the grocery store. I am really excited for the after school boxes, I think that is a great idea. I know alot of parents and single family homes that are excited for this. It's hard when parents work two jobs to support their family. These new boxes will be a great way to provide a quick meal to their kids while still cutting costs.