Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Love Story

Just look at that smiling face:  that's my great-nephew, Steven.  He's thirty years old, very intelligent, has a good job, and is buying his own home.  Oh yes, and his personality is out of this world.  
He's a bachelor who's been waiting to meet the right lady, and thanks to the Internet, it's finally happened.
I've read lots of negative things about Facebook; I've even heard of homes wrecked when people met up with old flames and decided to hook up with them again.  
So I wanted to share this positive side of Facebook.  
When you have a Facebook account, friends are suggested by other friends, or by Facebook itself.  Steven "friended" a girl with whom he graduated at Oklahoma Christian College.  They had never dated, and were simply casual acquaintances back then, possibly both dating other people at the time.    
And now they're engaged, and have tentatively set a date.  They're going to get married in Hawaii.  
I'm excited for them.  
I love happy endings.


Paula said...

Best wishes to Steven and his lady.

Leilani Lee said...

This is a great story. The brother of a good friend met his wife on e-harmony and they have been extremely happy. I think for every bad story about these things there are many more good ones.

Lindie said...

How very nice. He looks like a lovely man! One of my best and oldest friends has met her new love online. And one of the blogs I read "Gifts of the Journey" actually met her new husband in an international web site. She married him and moved to Cornwall. She puts beautiful pictures and stories on her blog! :)

Heather said...

So glad you shared... just goes to show that God knows the right person for each of us... and when we're ready, He'll drop them in our laps. Miss you, Donna! IT was so good to see you in the fall.