Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pioneer Woman on television again

Yes, Ree's off the ranch for a couple of days.  This morning she was on Fox and Friends; they only gave her about two minutes, but then they had a longer segment on the aftershow, which also shows her singing like Ethyl Merman.
Tomorrow she'll be on Good Morning America.  
I love seeing Ree Drummond; she's a natural for television.  
Click on the links if you want to watch either one.  
OK, here's a link that combines both videos.  Click HERE.


Lindie said...

I have tried several ways to get the aftershow and it won't come up! I was sorry she was cut off at the end of the show.

Donna said...

Lindie, I don't know why you can't see the aftershow; it works for me.

Mrs. L said...

She really is good on TV. Doesn't let anything fluster her.

RNSheets said...

Thanks for the link, Donna!

Ree has such a great personality! Good to see her! Oh man, would love to have one of those cinnamon rolls.mmm