Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Muck boots

Shortly after Christmas, I bought a pair of Muck Boots; it turned out to be one of the more timely purchases of my life.  A few days later, influenced by the sheer happiness those boots had brought me (and six inches of new snowfall), Cliff decided to buy a pair for himself, even though he had a problem with paying almost $100 for rubber boots.  Unfortunately, Kleinschmidt's was sold out by then.  Everybody in the surrounding four counties wanted their feet warm and dry during this old-fashioned winter we're having.
So, when we'd take our daily walk and hit the downhill parts, I'd trod firmly through the snow and ice while Cliff slid.  On the few days we had some thawing, he'd come back with wet feet and muddy shoes, listening to me rave about my Muckmasters.
The other day we were in the area, so we went back to Kleinschmidt's and found Muck Boots aplenty.  They had wisely restocked; I'm sure they're making a fortune on winter boots this year.  
Cliff was also in need of steel-toed work shoes for his job, so we dropped a bundle of money there that day; but let's face it, when a man his age is still working at a steady job, he needs decent shoes.

Now, normally when we're in Higginsville, we go to the best Pizza Hut in the world and enjoy their buffet, but that doesn't fit in with our trying to shed a few pounds.  So we browsed the aisles of Orscheln and then stopped by Vahrenberg Implement, so Cliff could pay $13 for two teeny-tiny items for his 1855 Oliver.  Good grief, whatever is in those little bags must be made of gold!  
And then we came home and warmed up a low-fat version of chicken gumbo, which we like almost as well as pizza anyhow.  

I'm still playing with the new format: thanks to Meesha, I'm doing better; he's the one who told me to either make the pictures smaller or the words bigger.  Since you can click on the small pictures to make them bigger, this works for me.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to hear that your man finally got his boots and will have dry feet now and comfy ones too with the new shoes. If my feet aren't warm and comfy I feel pretty miserable all over. I like the way your pictures are fittin in. Looks good!

ingasmile said...

What are the muck boots lined with? I not only want dry feet, but warm feet and sometimes rubber boots don't stay or can't get warmed up.

Donna said...

Inga, the ones Cliff and I bought are insulated, but have no other lining. They keep my feet warm at zero and below, so I can't imagine why anybody buys the heavily lined ones. Here's a link:


madcobug said...

Glad Cliff found himself some to keep his feet warm. Helen