Friday, February 26, 2010

Hopefully on the mend

Cliff took me to CVS so I could get some antibiotics from the Minute Clinic.  I was number five on the waiting list.  Although there were two nurses, it seemed to take a long time waiting to see a nurse; but once I was in there, I realized why.  They have to enter all your insurance information into the computer.  
As the congenial nurse was doing all this, I said, "I'll bet you spend more time messing with insurance stuff than you do actually doctoring people."  
"You're right," she said.  "That's why I like my other jobs; I only work here on Friday mornings."  
"So, do you work in a doctor's office the rest of the time?"  
"I work at a doctor's office one day a week, and at the jail three days a week."  
Alrighty then.  
Anyhow, I told her I had a sinus infection.  She took my blood pressure, listened to my lungs, looked at my throat and in my ears, asked me some questions, agreed with my diagnosis, and sent my prescription to our local Walmart via the Internet; she also told me to get some Mucinex.  
Because I have Cliff's insurance and also Medicare plus, I didn't have to pay her anything.  That's nice.  
I think I'll live.


Rachel said...

Please, after a few days, let me know what you think of Mucinex. I love it, and think it does wonders, but things work different for everyone.

Donna said...

Actually Rachel, I think it's already helped me. Now I'm wondering if I even needed antibiotics!

Tango said...

My son used Mucinex and he swears by it. Hope it does the job. It would be nice not to even have to use the antibiotics.

Hyperblogal said...

Mucinex saved my but expensive.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've heard a lot of good about Mucinex. Hope you are feeling all better soon. They say to take the antibiotic till it is gone as it is beneficial in making sure the infection doesn't come back. Too many people stop taking them when they feel better. Take your meds and drink plenty of liquids to flush out your system.

Lindie said...

My daughter gave me some Mucinex a few years ago and I keep it on hand now. One warning my doctor says not to use Mucinex DM if you are using a cough syrup with codeine. Just use the regular Mucinex.

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, let us know how the Mucinex works. Seems like we are always getting some bug to clog up our nasal passages so that would be good if it helps.

Hope you're feeling better soon!