Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In remembrance

I originally said here that the Christmas tree ornament didn't have Blue's hair in it; I was wrong.  It's the pendant that doesn't have horsehair in the actual clay.  The ornament does.  And by the way, Cliff seemed pretty impressed upon seeing these things.  He pronounced them "pretty neat".
The day we bid goodbye to Blue, I happened to remember that somewhere on the Internet I had seen something about people who make horsehair pottery, using your horse's hair.  I thought of it in time to clip some hair from Blue's mane and save it.
I found several sites where such pottery was done, but I finally found my way to Claypony.com; I liked the idea of having a necklace with Blue's hair attached; I liked the idea of a Christmas tree ornament with Blue's name on it (no hair was used in the making of the pendant).  
I contacted Deborah, made arrangements, and send a check.  As soon as she received it, she got started on the work.  
You can click on the picture to make it larger.  I really doubt if I ever wear the necklace; I'll more likely hang in on a nail, along with the little slogan my friend Ora sent me, some time back.  None of my times in the saddle were wasted.

See the horse on the necklace?

Blue's name is on the bottom of the pottery.
Deborah returned the unused horsehair, and I put in a baggie and put it inside the pottery; I also put Blue's registration papers in there.
Now you may be like Cliff, and think this is just plain morbid; but I like having something created in Blue's memory.
Ora, your little gift fits in perfectly.

This is one of my favorite videos made looking between Blue's ears, and it really seems appropriate now.


Sugar said...

i love the jewelry & keepsakes ideal.
the video & song is lovely, & so daunting.
my tears are falling.
God bless you.

Hollie said...

I think it's a wonderful idea! Praying for you....

anjelblaze said...

it is the same as keeping the cremains of a dog or cat. an animal you cared about. my daughter still has her "Sparky" with her.

Amy said...

I still have my first dogs ashes in an urn in my curio cabinet. Likely I'll do that with the other pets, too. (Gee, I have so many pets, I'll have to buy a whole other cabinet just for their urns, huh?! LOL)

Tango said...

What I nice way to always remember :)

Lori said...

I think it's beautiful Donna, and not morbid at all. It's a beautifully done tribute to your memories of Blue, just beautiful.

Lindie said...

Reminds me of the Victorians who made human hair pins of their loved ones. And Blue was definitely a loved one. I always buried my pets and planted a lilac bush on top so they wouldn't be disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna...yes it did just fit didn't it...great!!! and I don't think it is morbid...when our cat Sebastian of sixteen years died..we had him cremated..and have his ashes in a small box with his name and a picture of him on top...we love it...so enjoy Blue from time to time...and the pleasures and memories he gave will live on and on!!! God Bless you real good...Ora

Midlife Mom said...

I have tears streaming down my face this morning as I watched the video. Blue was like my Buddy, he just took care of me and was my speed. I still miss him terribly.

The vet took some of Buddy's mane the day he died and one of the girls in the office made a Christmas ornament out of it for me. I may have posted it. It is one of my treasures and I don't think it's morbid at all. We need those things to help us heal and for rememberance sake. You are so fortunate you have all of the videos that you took, I wish I had some of me and Buddy.

I especially like the video when it shows your shadows. Very moving!

Toon said...

It's a little morbid...just a little. Don't tell Cliff I agree with him. It'll ruin his day.

madcobug said...

I like those keepsakes. I have been thinking about all the videos you have posted with Blue's ears showing in them. I loved that last video. Tears in my eyes as I am saying a prayer for you. Helen

Mrs. L said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Blue. But you've found such a wonderful way to remember your old friend.