Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cliff's new laptop

So yes, we got Cliff a new laptop; the five-year-old Toshiba didn't have much memory and had gotten slow as molasses in January.  The new Dell (not a high-end model) arrived today.
I put all Cliff's favorites on it and he began surfing.  He agreed that it's faster, and the pictures are sharper on it.  
Then he needed assistance logging onto his gmail account, so I helped him.  Upon logging in, I saw all these old emails he's read already.  
"Cliff," I said, "Why do you have all these emails here that you've already looked at?"
"Oh hell," he said, "They're funny.  I like to look at them again."  
"But they're cluttering things up," I said.  
"No, I want to keep them; they're funny."
Alrighty then.  Let's leave twenty already-read emails there.
He's come a long way in the past year, but he has a lot to learn.  The tabbed browsing still throws him for a loop.  
And sometimes he wants me to move something, or fix something, that's impossible.  
Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of him.  I'm the woman who has to ask her daughter to figure out how to use a digital picture frame.  
Getting old ain't for sissies.


Astaryth said...

If he's using Gmail, he could tag them as something like 'funny' or 'joke' and then archive them.That would clean out the inbox, and They are still there and all he has to do to call them up is click the tag....

Lindie said...

What do you do with the old computers which are still working? I've thought about givint them to somebody but who?

Donna said...

Lindie, I'm loaning ours to the oldest grandson; he works for Comcast installing cable. Sometimes a house is set up for someone before they've actually moved in, and Arick lost some jobs he couldn't do because he didn't have a computer with him. If he gets his own later, I'll probably send it to my daughter's girls.

BG said...

way to go Cliff! I was blessed w/ a super fast HP last fall but its a desk top. Cool Cliff likes to save his favorite emails. Hows Blue? My new horse arrived yesterday, hes a dream. The Old guy is a bit miffed tho...

madcobug said...

A big hand to Cliff for getting a new laptop. Computers are a lot of pastime as well you know. I have a folder that I put Mail Saved on it and when I want to read them it's easy to pull up. Helen

Hyperblogal said...

I've heard the Dells are being recalled because the accelerator sticks.

Toon said...

I have nothing but good things to say about Dell. My Dell has lasted longer than my previous three computers combined!