Thursday, February 04, 2010

How about a nice, boring entry?

I recently moved my radio/CD player into the computer room, and I've been experimenting with various stations.  My husband, who is allowed to listen to his radio at work, told me some time back about Delilah; I've found her to be a delightful alternative to evening television when there's nothing to watch but reruns.  Of course, my favorite kind of music is American folk, and you don't get much of that on most radio stations.  I could bring my Grace Internet radio in here and listen to my preferred music with no commercial interruptions, but I go to sleep listening to that; so it stays in the bedroom.  
One thing I've discovered about myself:  I can only stand noise for so long before it begins to irritate me... even if that noise is my kind of music playing.  
On another note:  Last summer I decided to get some much-needed dental work done.  I consulted with the dentist, we agreed on what needed to be done, and the plan was submitted to my insurance company.  They turned it down, because I had gone, on my own, to an oral surgeon and gotten a tooth pulled.  Evidently that constitutes a "pre-existing condition" in their book.  
I don't know what finally persuaded the company to help me out, but in January I got a call from the dentist's office saying the work had been approved.  Finally!  
So I went for another consult, since so many months had passed, and made an appointment to start getting things done.  
Cliff said it'll be a whole new me, the way I'm getting body parts re-shaped and replaced.  He suggested I go ahead and get the knees done too; I told him not to get pushy, because I might run away if I get new knees.  
Our income tax refund should arrive in a few days.  Cliff and I will split that money:  his half goes into his tractor fund; mine will go, this year, to the dentist, because our dental insurance really isn't all the great.  I'm thankful we have it, though; it pays half of the total cost.  
Friday I will get my hair cut; I always know it's time when we're in the car going someplace and Cliff asks, "Did you comb your hair?"
My kinky hair looks pretty good without any effort on my part, as long as I keep it short.  
I set out to do a boring entry, and I do believe I've succeeded.  If you're made it this far and are still awake, congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Morning Donna, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed that link to Iris Dement!(I can't find it right now) I didn't know about her, but I LOVE that music.Thank you for the introduction. I noticed she often sings with John Prine also. What a combination of voices! Karen

madcobug said...

I much prefer it being quite. I even have my computer volume as low as it will go unless I want to hear something then I will turn it up some. Glad that you dental work was approved. Wish I had some dental insurance. I need some work done. Helen

Diane@Diane's Place said...

This is my favorite kind of post. Of course this is about the only kind of post I do, so that computes. I realize not everybody appreciates this type of post, but that's what makes the world go 'round.

Leilani Lee said...

I love music, but doggone it, I can't work and listen to it at the same time. Congrats on getting some coverage for dental. We have shoveled out the price of a decent used car in the last 6 months and another $900 will be in my mouth by the end of the month.