Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sadie, on ice

Cliff went walking with Sadie Sunday while I was preparing our Superbowl meal; he was tossing a stick for her, as usual, and threw one at the frozen pond... which turned out not to be so frozen, because Sadie broke through.  No harm was done.
Today, knowing that with the temperature at 14 and the windchill at 1 the pond was frozen solid again, I decided to see if I could trick Sadie into sliding on the ice.  This time the ice is smooth as glass, and it took three tries before I managed to get the stick where I wanted it, away from the banks.  She obviously remembers the incident from Sunday, because she was extremely cautious about setting foot on the ice.

Despite the cold temperature, Sadie and I had a great time out there for forty-five minutes.
My daughter left a comment saying I should tell my readers that the pond is only about two feet deep, just in case someone thought Cliff had put her in danger.  Believe me, if Sadie HAD been in danger, Cliff would have dived in; he knows how much that dog contributes to my happiness, and when Mama's happy... well, you know the rest.  
I did once have a calf drown in a very shallow pond because once he had broken through the ice, he was trapped there.


rachelf said...

If you're going to tell folks that your prize dog fell through the ice, you might also mention that the pond is about 2" deep.

Midlife Mom said...

Sadie is one smart cookie! She didn't want to get her feet wet again! Wish I had some of her energy, especially today after coming home yesterday. Six hour layover in Philly but at least we got home and slept in our own bed last night!

Hyperblogal said...

I've tried that with the cats... but they just look at me and say "you threw it, YOU go get it."

Toon said...

She learned her lesson faster than most kids would. I fell through creek ice many times as a young idiot.

Lindie said...

Smart dog to remember her dunking!

madcobug said...

Guess she remembers that cold water very clearly. Cute video. Helen