Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the cup

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On my rides to the river, there was one spot where I loved to stop, get off my horse, and poke around. I called it the ghost farm. I always got the feeling that Blue enjoyed the place, too.

I'd peek into the old sheds, wondering what sort of livestock had called them home.

I tried to imagine what the purpose of each building had been.

I once knew a lady who lived in the house; she was the teacher of my adult Sunday School class at the local Baptist Church, years ago. I loved to imagine what life had been like for her, living tucked away in a bank on a hillside in what once had been a coal miner's shack.

Most of the sheds couldn't even be seen from the road.

I'd poke around in the leaves for things that had been thrown away... but I never disturbed a thing. I only looked, and sometimes touched.

Discarded items from lives lived long ago.

Then one day I saw this cup with no handle, and it haunted me until, three days later, I rode back and got it.

I'm so glad I did, because less than a month later, the new owners of the property burned every shed to the ground.

The cup with no handle seems right at home in the cabin my husband fixed up for me at the back of our place, and it reminds me of the fun I had snooping around the ghost farm with my horse.

When I'm at my cabin, as I was a few hours ago, and see the cup, it reminds me of all the fun times my horse and I enjoyed at the ghost farm, just looking at somebody's discarded yesterdays.


Just Deb said...

I love the pics and snooping around areas where time seems to have stopped is a favorite activity of mine. I haven't done it in years and your post was a wonderful reminder of some great memories.

So glad you got the cup. You're right. It's right at home with you


Ambitious Fledgling said...

My mom used to love doing things like that. She's the same way too.. she would have went back and got the cup.

Spyder said...

I love bits & pieces from the past like that.

Celeste said...

The cup is beautiful