Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I've been fooling around with Wordpress today, and WOW!!!! I transferred all the contents of this blog over in about three minutes, tops. I still have to add my links and such, but I foresee myself leaving Blogspot and going to Wordpress. Stay tuned.

I probably will leave this blog in place, with a final entry that directs you to Wordpress. I hate to do it, but I like the format of Wordpress SO much better.

Oh, if you want a preview, click HERE. But I'm not done adding links, so I'm not ready to abandon this one yet.


Spyder said...

A few things I don't like about Wordpress: 1. to leave a comment you have to fill all that shit out. Easier to say "Never mind". 2. If you do leave a comment it doesn't seem to have the "Email follow-up comments to" check box".

Muhd Imran said...

That is unfortunate that you're leaving blogosphere for Wordpress.

Never tried it yet, but so far Blogger has worked for me nicely and am happy with it.

When I was young and living in a village, much of the clusters of villages moved out after the govenrment bought them back for redevelopment, my best friend and I would explore the vacant houses and thought of the lives they lived there.

Spooky at times, so we ventured only during the day and sometimes we got chased-out by the dogs were left behind that still protecting their owners' territories. Cats and chickens too were left behind to fend for themselves.

That was the sad part for these animals when the owners were not allowed to bring more than two large pets to their new home.

Before our last move out from our village, there were packs of dogs roaming around which became quote unsettling and lots of cats everywhere looking for food.

At one time, my Mom fed over 30 odd stray cats on 4 to 5 large trays daily. Very sad time for both the many fond memories and especially the many pets everyone had to leave behind.

meesha.v said...

I use Wordpress, if you have cookies enabled (most people do) you don't have to fill all the info every time. And mail comments feature can be added. Blogger is fine though. Not sure why I moved, you have more control with WP, but for a simple no-hassle blog either one will do.

DesLily said...

so.. I will comment now that i left your aol blog ok? lol..

I have 3 blogs.. or I should say actually ONE. my aol blog. then I simply copy and paste to blogspot and to wordpress...
why? you ask?..
backups. simply backups. If one should loose my whole blog I will simply keep going on one of the "copies"
About no one reads my wordpress copy, but thats fine with me fact I can't figure wordpress out, especially now that they went and changed everything!! Lord help me if I ever have to figure it out!! lol..

as for the funky letters in order to leave comments in wordpress or blogspot.. maybe because they are out there more than aol ones are to be found in google and such that much more spam hits them.. I know I got sick and tired of the spam and set it up to have the funky letters.. since then no problem. When/ if you ever have to deal with more than a dozen spams a day you'll like the funky letters lol