Saturday, April 19, 2008

A cold-free winter?

Not quite. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my AOL journal that neither Cliff nor I have had so much as the sniffles this winter. No colds, no flu.

"Let him that standeth take heed, lest he fall."

Both of us now have minor colds, right here in the middle of April. It's still probably a record year for us, because I usually get at least two colds per winter. So I won't complain.

On the subject of good fortune in health, I was thinking this morning about how blessed I am on some other counts: I've never had a wart; I've never had a cold sore; and I've never gotten poison ivy.

I got a call from the doctor yesterday telling me results of a recent blood test: My total cholesterol is high, but that's OK because my HDL (good cholesterol) is high and the LDL is normal.

Cliff's smiling this morning because he had a egg-and-cheese sandwich. I limit eggs around here; although I've had people tell me there's no limit on eggs these days (and it's true that only 25% of our cholesterol comes from what we eat) the American Heart Association still recommends no more than two eggs per week for people who have had trouble keeping cholesterol down.

Better safe than sorry. Besides, Cliff loves his "loaded oatmeal"... rolled oats cooked in the microwave with cinnamon and raisins, with banana and walnuts added.

I realize this is a pretty dull blog entry, but I have a slight case of the doldrums; so this is the best I can do.

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Diane J. said...

I know about blog doldrums myself. Been there, done that...or should I say, didn't do that.

Hope you and Cliff feel better soon and have a good weekend.