Monday, April 21, 2008

Cliff and I like to do things together

I guess that's why we both came down with colds at the same time with the exact same symptoms. You know, the cold I described a couple days ago as "minor"?

Forget that! I'm thinking it wasn't the wisest thing to go riding the motorcycle yesterday, because we coughed and hacked all night; both our colds took a decided turn for the worse. Cliff said he didn't feel like going to work this afternoon, and I told him, "I know exactly how you feel, and I wouldn't go to work if it were me." So he called in for a sick day.

We've been napping off and on in our recliners most of the day.

Remind me never to brag again about not having a cold all winter.

Oh, I did take my choking, hacking self out to the pasture (slowly) to see if any poachers were on my place stealing morels; I unlocked the cabin so I could get Sadie a drink and noticed some sort of toad all flattened out by the door handle.

See him, to the right of the lock?

He didn't even budge as I approached for a closeup. In fact, when I closed the lock thing, it touched him and he still didn't move.

Isn't he cute? Click HERE and scroll down to "gray treefrog"; I think that's him.

I saw this little skull in the leaves below the cabin; a squirrel perhaps? By the way, ticks are already out and about. I discovered one latched onto my arm a couple of days ago, and I found one crawling up my ankle today. So I availed myself of the Deep Woods Off I keep at the cabin.

I always forget what these are called; they aren't violets.

It's easy to remember the name of these: Dutchman's breeches!


Midlife Mom said...

Sorry you've got that darned old cold that seems to be everywhere. I don't dare brag about not having it or I will wake up tomorrow hacking and coughing!

Can you again tell me what morels are? I remember last year that people were taking them but I can't for the life of me remember what they are. People here take our fiddleheads.

Hope you're feeling better soon! Oh cute frog!

Muhd Imran said...

Have a good rest both of you. Thank you for taking time to take photos and post them here.

I love to look at close shots of nature. You do it well. Spring is coming to your part of the world soon right. So it is going to be a beautiful season.

Have a good week ahead. Take care.

kansas crochet mom said...

oh yucky! I don't like frogs lol. I hope ya'll feel better soon!

Glo said...

Sorry you both have colds....Hope you get to feeling better soon.

I knew that was a tree frog. We had some in out trees last year.


Leilani said...

One of tree frogs lived in our bathroom from mid-summer through the winter one year. I'd catch moths for it and feed it with tweezers. When it got cold it sort of "hibernated". It clung to the shower curtain and wedged itself in a knotholl in the paneling around the tub. It woke up in the spring and wouldn't stay in the bathroom, so I turned it out at the pond. I was sorry to see it go.