Thursday, April 17, 2008

River Bottoms

Since I was asked the meaning of "river bottom" or "river bottoms", I looked up the meaning in an online dictionary and came up with this: "a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a river". The way I used the term, it would mean "formerly occupied.

It's the low-lying ground that is the first to flood when the river rises out of its banks. It's very fertile ground, since flooding that comes along every three or four years deposits rich silt and topsoil as the water retreats.

Wikipedia has information about the Missouri River bottoms HERE.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


You do such a wonderful job on your blog. I love the photos of your goings about all day long! The animal ones...awesome! I would love to do more with my blog, but I really have no time, so I enjoy other's blogs and hope aspire to one day do more with mine.

I also wanted to say that I hopped over on Toddeled Dredges site and I was really impressed with what I read. Thanks for the nudge in her direction. I love when bloggers give each other a heads up on good posts/blogs out there.

Have a sunshiny day..the weather is awesome here and I am stuck in the office for another 4 hours. :(

Muhd Imran said...

Oh yes, why didn't I think of that. Wikipedia is a good tool. Thanks for the explanation.