Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things found in the woods

Although I'm still running a low-grade fever and have a rattling in my chest, I felt I should check on the horses this morning. We had a rainstorm last night that included half-inch hail, and I knew the horses would have been spooking all over the pasture. I wanted to make sure they hadn't run through a fence or into a ditch and hurt themselves.

I found them grazing peacefully back by the pond. Since I was that close to the woods, I figured I may as well check for morels (don't know what morels are? Click HERE).

I found no sign of morels or morel-hunters, although I went to all the honey-holes I could manage, in my weakened condition. This picture shows the sort of place where you're likely to find the mushrooms.

I saw this bird moving in the brush; I first thought it was a mother bird acting injured, trying to lure me away from her nest, but when it allowed me to poke and prod it with my fingertip, I realized it was just a young bird, either injured or too sickly to fly.

In another spot I found this bright yellow feather.

I did find some sort of fungus growing on dead wood. I don't know if these are edible or not; I only eat morels, because I know what they look like and feel I won't get poisoned by them.

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Ambitious Fledgling said...

Yeah.. don't eat that! lol

I'm going again this weekend.. if I don't find some I'm going to freak out. You can buy them in the city for about 30 bucks for a little bag... crazy huh? But ohhhhhhhhh how I love the little morsels! =)