Saturday, April 26, 2008

Secret's new game

Sometimes my heifer, Secret, makes me just scratch my head and wonder, "Why do they do what they do?"

That washtub sits out by the garden because we use it to cover the tiller when it isn't in use. For some reason, Secret has decided it's great fun to butt heads with a tub. She was standing like this for two or three minutes, but when I got too close she stopped, and just looked at me as if to say, "What, you never saw a cow fight with a tub?"

Someone recently asked why I named her Secret. As I recall, I was doing an AOL journal entry. I had decided to buy a Jersey heifer calf, but I wanted to wait until I actually had her home to tell my readers about her. So I wrote, "I've got a secret."

After a couple of days, I decided "Secret" would make a unique name for her. Besides, as long as I have her around, I can always say, "I've got a Secret!"

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kansas crochet mom said...

She is too funny!