Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things found in the dirt

This big pile of dirt has been in the pasture for over two weeks; we had a really hard rain night before last, and I figured it would be a good time to look for Indian arrowheads.

I found lots of tiny pieces of flint, probably the chips that fell away from the larger pieces of flint when the native Americans made their arrows, spears and tools. The hill on which I live was formed by windblown soil, so any sort of stone or rock you find had to have been brought here by someone.

Ah! An arrowhead! It isn't complete, to be sure; the portion that would be used to fasten it to a stick is broken off. But at least it's recognizable.

It isn't a very big one. I'll add it to my little collection.

Many Indian artifacts found hereabouts are from the Hopewell period.


Spyder said...

Very cool!

billco said...

Nice arrowhead. I like the side notches. It doesn't look broken to me, except a little of one, maybe both, ears. There's probably more in that dirt pile.