Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My favorite Iris Dement song... When My Morning Comes Around

When my mornin' comes around, no one else will be there,
So I won't have to worry about what I'm supposed to say,
And I alone will know that I climbed that great big mountain,
And that's all that will matter when my mornin' comes around.

When my mornin' comes around, I will look back on this valley...
At these sidewalks and alleys where I lingered for so long;
And this place where I now live will burn to ash and cinder,
Like some ghost I won't remember,
When my mornin' comes around.

When my mornin' comes around, from a new cup I'll be drinking,
And for once I won't be thinking that there's something wrong with me;
And I'll wake up and find that my faults have been forgiven,
And that's when I'll start living
When my mornin' comes around.


Rachel said...

Thanks. I needed that.

Midlife Mom said...

That'a a nice song, I don't know who the singer is though. Guess I don't get out much!

Love the story about your old ghost homestead! That is something I would do, poke around and see what was left there. I'm glad you took the cup, it would be long gone now!

The video is so good of the four horses, hey where is the snow??? The ice??? The dirty snowbanks??? Libby sure does like the camera, a real diva!

Project coming along well. All five items almost finished just detail work and then putting the whole thing together. :o)

Rechelle said...

That's my favorite one too. I heard her sing it for the first time in front of a live audience at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. She was so nervous about it she had two false starts. She said she wrote it and didn't think it was very good and then she played it for her "then" husband, Elmer and he told her it was great. When she finally managed to play it that night, tears were streaming down my face by the end. She is such an amazing writer.