Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm re-thinking Wordpress

After reading Spyder's comment on the last post, I've been checking things out and, by george, she's right. There have been times when I've wanted to leave a comment on a Wordpress blog, but it took so long to do it, and I had to jump through so many hoops, I chose not to comment. Sometimes I'm even discouraged from commenting on Blogger blogs because of having to type in those silly security letters, and I ask myself why that's necessary: I don't have that function in use here, and I've only had three or four spam comments in the time I've blogged at this site.

So I'll continue playing around with Wordpress, but I'll likely stay here. Because I don't get that many comments as it is; I sure don't need less! And I'm not going to keep both of them going; I already have this one and my AOL journal. I don't need a third.

In other news, I head for Dallas tomorrow morning bright and early for the last meet-up with a group of Internet friends I met in a long-gone chat room. I first met some of these folks in 1999, I believe.

Things are getting really hectic around here as we prepare to move a manufactured home onto our property to live in. Yesterday we went to the bank to finalize a loan, to planning-and-zoning to get a permit, to the rural water district to sign up for a water meter (because I'm sick of the super-hard water from our well) AND to the health department to discuss our septic tank. This last, the P&Z lady told me, wasn't really necessary; but it's a good idea. Hey, if it doesn't cost me, I'm all for it.

Do you know how many papers you have to sign and initial in order to secure a loan these days? I have writer's cramp.

We had a nice visit with the P&Z lady, and I got to use a very old joke that cracked her up. She said to Cliff, "Are you ambidextrous?" "No," I told her, "He's Baptist." (He isn't, but that was the first denomination that came to mind.)

"It's been fun," I told her as we left. Hey, it really was a blast! I love to run into someone who enjoys her job and likes people.

We had a good discussion about my neighbor and his house-building. You have to love small-town communities where you can mention any neighbor and they know, not only who you're talking about, but all their eccentricities. It was the same at the rural water office; that guy knew everybody around here.

So now I'm looking forward to having air conditioning and a dishwasher for the first time in my life. And having lots of closet space. And being back away from this gravel road, with cars constantly passing by and stirring up dust.


Midlife Mom said...

I don't know anything about Wordpress but Blogger for the most part has worked well for me. I also hate typing in those funny looking letters.

Congratulations on getting a new home! You will love the air conditioning and dishwasher plus being back further from the road. It seems like anything you do now days you have to sign and sign and initial and initial!!!

Yes, I love small towns where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and you run into people you know every day. I would die in a big city with all concrete and tall buildings!!!!

Joyful Days said...

Have a safe & fun trip. Whoo-hoo about the new house. That is awesome. I know it is work to get it to all come together, but it will be so wonderful.

Blogger does seem easier overall, fwiw.

Lilac Moons said...

I'd been wondering about the new house project, seems you read my mind. Can't wait to see and hear more about it.Lots of joy on the horizon.

Rachel said...

A new house with lots of closet space and a dishwasher!!! Wow!! I have never had a place with a dishwasher either. Our closets here were made more for Barbie clothes!

I loved the video of the horses!! They are all so pretty!

I also enjoyed reading about the ghost place! I always loved seeing those old places and wondering about who lived there and what their life was like, etc! I'm glad you got the cup!

Muhd Imran said...

All the best with the new home!

It sure is interesting and exciting to have something new and an improvement over the last one.

meesha.v said...

congratulations on the new house. does well water taste better with no chlorine?