Monday, March 31, 2008

Horses turned out to pasture

I have to tell you, I was disappointed in this video. The horses have been confined pretty close to the house and barn in order to give the rest of the pasture a chance to green up and grow. Saturday Cliff took down the electric fence that confined them.

I expected them to run and buck and kick up their heels, once they realized they were free. That didn't happen. When they saw that they could get beyond where the electric fence had been, all of them (starting with Libby) ran to check it out. But once they were across their former boundary, they simply put their heads down and started picking at the short grass.

Notice that Libby, always the ham, keeps coming close to me. She loves people, and she's a total ham. I swear she knows what the camera is. Watch her pose.


Lilac Moons said...

Enjoyed the video. All the horses are gorgous. You are one lucky gal....but you know that. I wouldn't of been able to resist exploring the old home and sheds only know the stories. Thanks for sharing.

Edward said...

Man I love horses. You are one lucky gal. It's something that I'm working toward.

I know a guy in college that had about 20 horses. He trained them for a living. He'd let me come to his farm and put hay and do general work for him. Anyway, I used to love to watch the horses when he'd turn them out after being in the barn or some other confined space. They are impressive and fun to watch when they get let out. If you ever do get shots of them kicking up, running and bucking like that I hope you post them.

Muhd Imran said...

That is wonderful. It that Blue?

It seems he likes to follow you along until another horse comes by.

I can see 4 of them altogether. Interesting place you got there. Looks still cold though.