Monday, March 17, 2008

Sorry about no updates lately

We're doing some exciting things around here.

We're about to abandon this old house to renters and move in to (get ready for this) a manufactured home.

That would be a trailer house, for the uninitiated.

It'll be on this property, so we won't be giving up our 42 acres. It'll be back away from the dusty gravel road, and at least in two directions, there will be a genuine VIEW, which we simply do not have at present. We'll be able to sit in our living room and watch deer, coyotes, foxes, turkeys, and other assorted wildlife.

For the first time in my life, I'll have central air. And a dishwasher. And all the electrical outlets I need. I'll have several huge closets. Cliff and I share one small one now. There's a garbage disposal, too; but I don't think we'll be able to use it, with a septic tank.

Even the people who sell manufactured housing can't believe we're moving out of a regular house and into a mobile home. That's because they haven't lived in this old house.

None of this is a done deal, but things are looking good. To see what's going on with all this, check out my AOL journal.


Spyder said...

Exciting times!

Mike S said...

Knowing the stuff available in them these days, I think you can get a real bang for your buck. On a foundation they even tend to hold their value:)

Robbie said...

Here's hoping it's a done deal real soon.

Muhd Imran said...

Very exciting times for you and hubby. New home and a beautiful view. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of old wives tales, go ahead and use the disposal. I have had two houses for over 18 years that were on septic systems and always used my disposal with no problems. It is ground up very small and just adds to the system a bit of stuff to stir the "juice".

Toni said...

Oh, Donna. I sense a peace about your words. And the willingness to see your glass as half full. This decision of yours has been on my mind and I'm seeing the pros of it through your eyes. You know, my grandmother moved out of the house she raised her children in. Pap bought her a manufactured home too. With a/c. Overlooking a clearing on a hillside where she watched deer feed early each morning. Where she could hear the bells of her church over the hillside in the distance. She made the very best of it and I always admired that. And you will too. I can see that.