Sunday, March 23, 2008

My latest coffee grinder

I wrote here, the other day, about my cheap-o coffee grinder that ground itself to a halt after only a few weeks of use. So Cliff and I returned it to the Wal-mart where I purchased it and traded it in for one just like it. I still intend to eventually get the German-made, hand-driven one. But right now I have other priorities for my money than a coffee mill.

I decided to read the manual that came with it, this time (novel idea, eh?). And found out I'm the one who killed it. I was leaving it plugged in all the time, and the instructions specifically say not to do this.

Who'd have thought you had to unplug an appliance when it's not in use?

Now, I'd love to have a $200 grinder like THIS. But there's something to be said for a grinder that used old-fashioned muscle power. If I ever find that one as cheap as $50, I'll snap it up, priorities or not.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my morning coffee once again.

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