Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Cliff and I are rather at a crossroads in our lives. We have a choice to make.

We can sell this place for $200,000 and buy a smaller place with a better house but very few acres and only room for one horse. We'd be out of debt.

Or we can get a home equity loan and buy a mobile home of some sort or other, put it behind our barn, and stay here. Here, where I can keep my heifer and both horses, and we can continue to rent pasture to two horses. Here, where I'm only a half-hour from the Missouri River on horseback.

But we'd be in debt, right here at retirement age.

We could put said mobile home back from the road away from the dust and noise and peering eyes. We could have air conditioning and be able to use the microwave and the coffeepot both at once, without throwing a breaker.

If money didn't enter into it, I'd choose that option.

So wish us luck, and pray, if you have a mind to.


Mel said...

You got it, Donna. I'll be sending you good thoughts.

Spyder said...

If you put a mobile home there what would you do with the house you are in now?

Diane J. said...

I've a mind to, so I'll be praying.

Love and hugs,


Toni said...

Oh my! I literally feel the gut wrench in this decision. As you know, I had to leave the country and my heart has been pining ever since. Seriously. So yes, I'm praying, friend. May God guide you into this next season, where He will abide with you no matter where you are.

BarnGoddess said...

oh dear. tough. You are in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a modular is what you want. Could you rent out the house for income? And put the house where you can't see your neighbors, or at least hear them? There are a lot of newer modulars that are selling for less.

Joyful Days said...

Adding my prayers, Donna.



Sher :) said...

As am I. I pray God leads you in the right direction and for His blessings on you and yours.