Monday, March 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

Yes, I was tagged by Winterskibunny. I won't tag others because I just don't know who would enjoy this meme. If you like it, join in and do it. And let me know in my comment section, so I can read it..

1. I can’t believe I’ve never learned to drive

2. Every time I think about stupid things I've said to people in the past, I still cringe.

3. I wish I’d have enjoyed my babies more when I had the chance.

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I went to my old church last Sunday.

5. Supernanny is my guiltiest pleasure.

6. I hope God knows how grateful I am for how good my life has been.

7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame nobody but myself for my dysfunction.

8. My husband changed my life forever.


winterskibunny said...

Pretty funny that we have the same last answer. Must be two good men!!

Toni said...

I love Supernanny too. "You've been veh-ree nau-teee!" She's great. And this post is so honest. That's what I love about you, Donna. For starters.