Monday, March 24, 2008

I found some green!

After Cliff went to work, I saddled Blue and went for a ride to the Missouri River, my favorite destination. Alas, the world is still brown and dreary-looking.

Blue is bored with the river. He's seen it enough.

There's the green! The winter wheat is doing its best to grow. Wind took a lot of the fun out of riding; it gets tiresome, fighting it all the time.

Blue saw the train in the distance and tried his best to get to it. For some strange reason, he loves moving trains.

The turkey vultures are back from wherever they spend their winters.

They're nasty birds, but I love to watch them flying and gliding in the sky.


Mike S said...

Pretty, but soooooooo very flat!! It's been so many years I think I'd forgotten all about flatness.

Muhd Imran said...

Wow. Beautiful place. Serene and all yours.

With such a large mass of farming land, do you employ workers to plant and harvest your crops?

Interesting life.