Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sadie got a bath

I have to keep my Wayside Waifs mutt, Sadie, on a leash here at the house so she won't get run over. But when we go for our morning walk in the pasture, I turn her loose and let her run. Boy, does she run.

Often she chases some wild creature into the woods and disappears for awhile, but she always rejoins us.

This morning she found something dead on her rambling; because she considers slimy, rotting animal flesh to be her own special cologne, she rolled in it quite thoroughly. There was gunk visible on her neck where she'd carefully rubbed it in.

So she got a bath.

Once she'd been toweled off, she decided to use the spread on my un-made bed for a towel.

That's her in mid-shake.

Then I tied her outside.

I don't whether she's trying to dry off on the grass, or practicing what to do with the next carrion she finds.


Spyder said...

LOL! Luckily when we walk Willow we keep her on a leash because she tries to roll in deer poop. UGH!

Muhd Imran said...

That is so funny. Sadie is a handful... got to love her.

It is indeed wonderful to get to take walks in wide open spaces and observe the wild in its natural surrounding. My kind of place... dream place compared to Singapore.

Have a good weekend!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh you just gotta love a dog and their choice of perfume! The last time it happened here the dog rolled in an old dead rotted fish and let me tell you it took more then one bath to get that smell out! GAG!
Loved your pictures of Kansas City. That ceiling is just gorgeous. The picture of you and Cliff is really nice too!! Did you find a willing stranger to take it for you? My hubby is always offering to take pictures for people so that they can be in them together.

Have a wonderful Easter Donna!

Mike S said...

Had a little Maltese (and a Newfoundland at the same time)who hated the outdoors. If she had to go out & the grass was damp she'd come into the house and head straight for the tub for a bath. Washing a huge Newfie is easy too as they're super friendly & love water.
At least Sadie didn't find a dead skunk to revel in:)