Sunday, March 23, 2008

All things Libby

I worked with Libby today. I'm getting her, once again, to the point where I can handle her feet and use the rasp on them. She backslid considerably after an unfortunate confrontation with Cliff, but she's doing much better. It's just a matter of patience on my part.

Then I rode her in the round pen for a few minutes with no problem.

She's always thirsty after we've been working together.

She'll stay nearby and follow me after I've turned her loose, for as long as I'm willing to stick around. In fact, it's difficult to take her picture because she won't stay far enough away.

So I take pictures like this one. Look at those eyelashes.

And this one.

Ah, there you see the ladies of our pasture: Libby and Sassy.


Calfkeeper said...

I love your horses; hubby's a cow guy, not an equine guy. I am not much of a horse person either, but I like them, I think they are beautiful.

Happy Easter, by the way. Hope you have a great day.

I love Rich Mullins music too.


Spyder said...


BarnGoddess said...

Libby is looking good! she is a beauty.

Midlife Mom said...

Love the 'eye' picture! I must try to get some of my guys eyes like that, thanks for the idea. I don't usually sell the quilts or wall hangings because they take so long to make but I could make you a smaller version of D's quilt with maybe just four or five tractors on it if you would like me to and if you aren't in a real big hurry for it. I'd have to see if I still have that pattern, sometimes I pass them on after I have used them but I will look today. :o)

Anonymous said...

I believe i see a tear in her eye because you are leaving her. She is getting so big now. Helen

Toni said...

The closeup of the eye is fabulous, Donna. Btw, anything going on with flooding there?

Celeste said...

Libby is beautiful!

Jamie said...

her lashes are beautiful!