Thursday, March 06, 2008

main transportation

There's a local fellow who likes to partake of spirits rather heavily. He got so many DUI's that finally he decided he didn't need to drive a car. Now he gets around on a tractor. This year he's even winterized it a bit. And of course, there's the little trailer to pull behind with his "groceries" when he goes shopping. This isn't his house, by the way; he's just visiting friends.


Jamie said...

I saw your comment about NKCHS on my blog. We live right outside of Liberty. I work for Liberty's a small world, huh?

Midlife Mom said...

Now that's quite a vehicle! I guess it would be a wee bit chilly around these parts but would turn a few heads!

I went to the blog on adoption and it was truly heartwarming! That baby sure looks like his Dad!